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Juanita HuntleyJuanita Huntley

whether you're looking for water or snacks, or just a place to sit down out of the Sun. Raceway Ministry is glad to have you stop by one of our tents. We have people who will talk with you listen to you pray with you. If you are handicapped and need transportation. Our Ada cart drivers will happily carry you from handicap parking to the track and back

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Jimmy SandersonShe found something special

We had a lady show up at the ministry tent all dressed up like she was going to a debutante ball. With high heels and nice dress with necklaces. Not the way you would come to the racetrack. She told us she was a repoter and was sent by her editor to Darlinton in South Carolina to write an article about Raceway Ministries. We showed her all the things we did with the giving away food and drinks and witnessing to the fans. this is when she told us she did not believe in what we were doing as she was an atheist. But, she wrote the article, which was a wonderful writing of the ministry. The next years race weekend, She showed up . This time in jeans and tennis shoes. She asked if we remembered her, and we told her yes, she was the atheist writer. She responded that because of her visit with us, she saw something she wanted. A love and enjoyment of life, and she wanted that. She started going to church and found what she was looking for in Jesus Christ. she was a fellow Christian, now.

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